Wooden Beard Comb – 2 sided fine and coarse tooth

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Dual sided wooden beard comb

Style your well earn beard with a select wooden beard comb.

This is a popular model that is practical, fitting in your back pocket and being  dual sided – fine and coarse teeth. No static or pulls and great for taking out knots.


Unlike typical plastic or steel combs that cause clingy static electricity, this solid and smooth wood comb is an easy way to avoid that morning anger



Dua.l side wooden beard comb 4


 Pocket Beard Comb is a popular beard comb

 Combing one beard is a known to stimulate the hair folicles in your beard which could lead to a healthier and fuller beard.  This comb feels great when it glides through your beard. No static, pulls or snag. Dual action, has both fine and coarse teeth.