I have a passion for aesthetically pleasing, crafted wooden furniture. The grain, the feel, and even the smell hold my attention.

I also have a love for technology, having a technical (computer science) background I seem to always be interested in the next techie thing. It will surely save me a time or automate something or other for me, but one thing with “technology” is it rarely looks good. My gadgets have been herded into a corner of the room with a screen strategically placed to hide the offence in design.


Home Automation

My recent technical fascination has centred home automation and the IoT (The Internet of Things) I’ll add a definition of IoT (mental note- don’t forget). Now home automation has been around for donkey’s years if you consider the introduction of vacuum cleaners a measure of automation (it sure is better than hanging your carpet on the clothesline and beating it with a large wicker stick)

…..article not finished

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